C Power(Crystal C)

C Power(Crystal C)
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First and foremost, vitamin C is an extremely strong antioxidant. As you know, antioxidants take down those nasty environmental agents, like free radicals, that lead to wrinkles, lines, skin damage, and age spots. Luckily, the use of our C-Power will help reverse signs of aging.

Promotes circulation
There are a few vitamins out there that promote blood circulation, but vitamin C is one of the best! The skin needs good circulation in order to glow from within; otherwise, you’ll look dull and pale. 

Stimulates collagen and elastin
One of the most well known ways that vitamin C benefits skin is its effect on collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C is crucial in producing collagen, which is a protein that strengthens hair, skin and nails, reduces wrinkles (it really does it all!). Plus, collagen makes sure that skin stays plump and healthy. This firming and tightening effect is a huge reason why vitamin C is a crucial ingredient in  skin care products, such  C Power Antioxidant Serum. It’s easy to use --  apply a few pumps of serum to your face and neck, and follow up with Daily Protect. This is the dynamic-duo for fighting sun damage and aging. 

key ingredients

Malic Acid - tones, tightens, brightens, stimulates collagen
Lactic Acid - exfoliant, smoothes, refreshes, brightens
Chelated Vitamin C - stabalized for maximum delivery, antioxidant, stimulates collagen and elastin
Green Tea - antioxidant, free radical fighter, repairs, strengthens
Vitamin B5 - conditions, heals, moisturizes, Panthenol

for all skin types

Comes with a pump top


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