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I *love* my Tu'eL products! I've been using them for almost ten years now and they are simply the best. I moved out of the US in 2011 and ran out of your products; since I'm unable to receive mail, I experimented with some other product lines -- the big ones like C****** and De*********. It was awful! My skin was a wreck. So I was super happy to stock up during my recent trip home. You wouldn't believe the difference in my skin now that I'm back on Tu'eL; even in a climate so insanely different from the Bay Area, your products are heads and shoulders above any of the big brand names I tried.

Basically I love you guys and you've got a customer for life! (As long as I'm living somewhere where I can get your products!)

An acne-prone lady is grateful.


Detox Starter Kit Detox cleansing system Let's Be Clear Here
Detox Starter KitDetox cleansing systemLet's Be Clear Here

6 products customized for your oily acne skin

Deep pore cleansing system for acne skin

Purify your skin and combat acne with this powerful daily wash.




Make Amends Rehab Acne Serum Absorb
Make AmendsRehab Acne SerumAbsorb

Soothe and healing cream for acne skin 

Acne Serum that will deliver results. 

Dear Shiney Face, Please Go Away! Get the real deal oil control




Clear-It Blemish Control Gel Essential Oil  Acne Skin Detox Clay Mask
Clear-It Blemish Control GelEssential Oil Acne SkinDetox Clay Mask

Clear breakouts, clear skin, peace of mind.

 Help control breakouts, reduce scarring, hyperpigmentation, and calm inflammation

Purge and then condition your skin with our new mask




Travel Pack Detox / Acne Skin
Travel Pack Detox / Acne Skin

Don't take a vacation from your skin care routine, take me with you.